Chef’s Specials

Served with Jasmine Rice or Brown rice


S1. Traditional Cashew Shrimp        15.95

Lightly battered shrimps tossed with water chestnuts, mixed vegetables.

All combined and caramelized flavorful homemade sauce.


S2. Honey Glazed Walnut Shrimp     15.95

Mouthwatering shrimps battered, served in a crispy potato basket with honey glazed walnuts,

sweet pineapple and lychee.


S3. Crispy Fillet / Whole Fish    15.95/17.95

Delectably moist Swai fillets battered or whole Golden Pompano fish and deep fried.

Topped with vegetables sautéed in your choice of :

 - ginger sauce                              - basil sauce,

 - basil curry sauce add $1.00       - three flavor sauce


S4. Seafood Nest         15.95

A crispy noodle basket overflowing with fresh vegetables,shrimps, scallops,

calamari and fillet of fish sautéed in our house garlic sauce.


S5. Snow Pea & Almond Chicken, Beef or Tofu         13.95

Fresh vegetables, sweet snow peas, roasted almonds and water chestnuts in a garlic sauce.


S6. Garlic Bean – Chicken, Beef or Tofu      13.95

Crisp green beans and fresh vegetables sautéed in a scrumptious garlic sauce.


S8. Snow Shrimp         15.95

Deep fried shrimps lightly dipped in bread crumb battered glazed with three flavor sauce on the side, mixed with snow peas, bell peppers. Topped with fried onions on spinach bed and sprinkled with homemade ‘snow’

crispy rice.


S9. Shoo Shee Salmon         16.95

Thai Herb marinated fresh skinless salmon, pan fried with avocado oil, served with original creamy “Shoo Shee”curry, red, green bell peppers. Topped with coconut milk and fresh lime leaves.


S10. Imperial Crab Fried Rice        15.95

Flaky jasmine rice, wok fried with fresh garlic, egg, crab meat, homemade sauce,

Asian spices, tomatoes green and yellow onions.



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