Served with a choice of Chicken, Beef or Tofu Jasmine or Brown Rice

Seafood add $4.00 Shrimps add $3.00 Combination Meat add $3.00


38.  Red Curry  11.95

A seductively spiced red curry in rich coconut creamwith vegetables and basil.


39. Green Curry  11.95

A Thai creamy coconut milk enhanced by the heart of tiny green chilies, vegetables and basil.


40. Panang Curry  11.95

A rich and creamy homemade panang sauce with red, green bell peppers.

Topped with lime leaves and coconut milk.


41. Mussaman Curry        11.95

Mild golden curry with cubed potatoes, carrot, sweet onions and peanuts.


42. Pineapple Curry  11.95

A subtly sweet and savory red curry with julienne vegetables and cubed pineapples.


42A. Yellow Curry        11.95

Mild yellow curry with cubed potatoes, sweet onions, tomato.

Topped with fried onions. Served with cucumber salad.


42B. Jungle Curry (New)      11.95

This Thai-style red curry is free of coconut milk and shine with late- summer produce.

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