Served with a choice of Chicken, Beef or Tofu

and Jasmine or Brown Rice,  Seafood add $4.00 / Shrimps add $3 / Combination Meat add $3.00



20. Spicy Eggplant        11.95

Fresh eggplant and vegetables stir-fried with spicy basil sauce.


21. Cashew Chicken        11.95

Tender stripes of chicken, fresh vegetables and roasted cashews sauteéd in a subtly cashews sauce.


22. Mixed Vegetable        11.95

A medley of fresh vegetables sauteéd in a light garlic sauce.


23. Spicy Basil        11.95

Delicious assortment of fresh vegetables sauteéd in a spicy basil sauce.


24. Sautéed Basil Curry        12.95

Tantalizing mix of basil and fresh vegetables dressed in a rich luxurious saffron colored curry.


25. Sweet and Sour        11.95

Thai style sweet and sour, sauteéd with your choice of meat, pineapple sauce,

vegetables and sweet pineapple.


26. Vegetable Delight        11.95

Delightful mix of fresh vegetables topped with your choice of meat sauteéd

in a sweet and spicy ginger and basil sauce.


27. Sautéed Broccoli        11.95

Tasty blend of your choice of meat, broccoli and vegetables, seared in a smoking wok.


28. Swimming Rama        11.95

A bed of spinach and broccoli topped with rich and creamy peanut sauce dressing.


29. Caramelized Ginger        11.95

For true ginger lovers: Caramelized your choice of meat and sauteéd with

fresh vegetables in a mild chili and brown sauce.


30. Pepper and Garlic         11.95

Wok seared vegetables topped with your choice of meat dressed in a heavenly garlic sauce.


31. Mongolian Beef         11.95

Delicious tender marinated beef sauteéd with scallions, onions and bells pepper served with crispy noodles.


31A. Phad Prik Khing         11.95

A tasty blend of your choice of meat, green beans with prik khing curry, topped with lime leaves.

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