Served with Shrimps, Calamari, Sea Scallops, Fish fillets and Jasmine Rice or Brown Rice


32. Sautéed Green Curry Seafood        15.95

A tasty blend sauteéd with julienne vegetables in a creamy coconut and green curry sauce.


33. Spicy Basil Seafood         14.95

Delicious assortment of fresh vegetables sauteéd in a spicy basil sauce.


34. Pepper and Garlic Seafood         14.95

Wok seared vegetables topped with seafood dressed in a heavenly garlic sauce.


35. Sweet and Sour Seafood         14.95

A vividly delicious sea of color and flavor blending fragrant pineapple cubes,

julienne vegetables and seafood.


36. Mixed Vegetable Seafood         15.95

Fresh garden greens sauteéd with seafood in a light garlic sauce.


37. Sautéed Basil Curry Seafood          15.95

Tantalizing mix of basil and fresh vegetables dressed in a rich luxurious saffron colored curry.


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